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Tracing the family's association to the ornaments business to his great-grandfather, Late Brij Lal Shah, and father,Late Lakshmi Prasad Keshri, during the days of the late 1800s and early 1900s in Bihar, when they carried on the jewellery business and worked at different jewellery houses in the ancient city of Patna, Keshri says, "My family was linked to the jewellery business since my great-grandfather's time. Drawing inspiration from my father, with a vision to give intricately-designed jewelleryto the people of Bihar, I took up the wholesale marketing of gold jewellery, to capitalise on the stirrings of jewellery retailing in the state."

"He continues, "Hira Panna offered 100% return so that jewellery purchase remained an investment; it didn’t turn into an expenditure.” It was the first jewellery house in Bihar, which started 100% buyback of jewellery without any deduction, and this initiative captured the hearts of the people of not only Patna but other cities of Bihar. "Our jewellery house was the first one in Bihar to start diamond jewellery manufacturing," states Satish Keshri."

Hira Panna started diamond export in the name of Hira Panna Exports from Opera's Mumbai in 1989-1989.

Having built a name that become a trademark for purity in the jewellery business, Keshri laid the founding stone of a legacy of trust, innovation, hard work, humility and humanity. In his endeavours and tryst with destiny, his wife was a huge support that helped Hira Panna establish its name. Her support and contribution t in Hira Panna's journey was obvious and significant


For Satish Kumar Keshri, his business is a passion – a passion to create change, to create new designs, new norms, new concepts and new trends. His goal is not just to sell Hira Panna creations but to create a community of jewellery lovers who love its designs. Shekhar has made all-round efforts to source jewellery products from all over the country and even abroad to cater to every palate. The result is that HIRA PANNA has loyal customers all over the country including many celebrities.


As an individual and as a businessman Keshri is a perfectionist,who believes that pride, trust and purity define the underlying character of Hira Panna. He also epitomizes the same qualities in both his personal and professional lives. Year after year, Hira Panna has grown at a breath-taking pace. Keshri takes personal interest in creating products for customers. It is this passion that has made him a recognised expert in the domain. He may come across as the archetypal traditional business man. However, his crisp white shirt that sports one of the finest labels, reflect his modern sensibilities and sense of style. He is completely clued in on to the latest trends, be it business or personal style.

And judging by the activity around him on a typical day, where he inspects the nitty-gritties of daily business transactions, with his staff darting in and out with figures, files,products and documents, it is difficult not to see the depth of his involvement. Not the minutest detail misses the sharp eye.But what sets him apart is that he does not display the nervous energy of today's man of action, he is self-assured and in control, donning the air of one who is at peace with himself and loves what he does with a passion that is difficult to miss.

Even as Hira Panna transforms itself more and more into a modern jewellery house, traditional values like quality, trust, integrity and humanity that the brand holds close to its heart, continue to dominate its unique character. It continues its dazzling growth, under the leadership of Satish Keshri and his two sons - Shekhar Keshri and Sharad Keshri

As the jewellery house stands poised for the next level of growth, Satish Keshri has introduced his sons into the business, marking the arrival of the new age leadership and the company's definitive entry into a bold, brave future. "The youth brigade is running the country and market trends, be it politics, fashion or lifestyle. Youngsters are better equipped to understand the pulse of a young market. So it is fitting that Hira Panna is also being led by the new generation," explains Satish Keshri.

Shekhar Keshri,CEO