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The story here has all the trappings of a classic tale of a small town boy from Danapur making it big in the world of entrepreneurship. 

Hira Panna laid the foundation of a jewellery empire and a trailblazing success story of jewellery retailing not just in Bihar but in the entire country and abroad. 

Out of his immense entrepreneurial capabilities and vision, Satish Kumar Keshri, at the age of just 31 years, led to the birth of Hira Panna, signalling a new era in the ornaments business. From creating readymade products, showcasing them and devising a gold measurement system to wholesale marketing and hallmarking of jewellery, he took the brand name to great heights. 

What started as a wholesale jewellery outlet came to be officially launched as a jewellery retail showroom in the name of Hira Panna Jewellers at Hira Place, Dakbungalow Road, Patna, in September 1981. 

Even as Hira Panna transforms itself more and more into a modern jewellery house, traditional values like quality, trust, integrity and humanity that the brand holds close to its heart, continue to dominate its unique character. It continues its dazzling growth, under the leadership of Satish Keshri and his two sons - Shekhar Keshri and Sharad Keshri. 

As the jewellery house stands poised for the next level of growth, Satish Keshri has introduced his sons into the business, marking the arrival of the new age leadership and the company's definitive entry into a bold, brave future. "The youth brigade is running the country and market trends, be it politics, fashion or lifestyle. Youngsters are better equipped to understand the pulse of a young market. So it is fitting that Hira Panna is also being led by the new generation," explains Satish Keshri.